The Best Mac Dashboard Widgets For Web Designers & Developers

I’ve been looking at the best Mac dashboard widgets to help me speed up my web design and development cycle. I’ve a few Mac dashboard widgets already in place but they’re all gimmicky really.

After coming across various widgets I stumbled across a fantastic blog post by SpeckBoy entitled “30 Mac Dashboard Widgets for Web Designers & Developers” – and it’s a little treasure chest. Some of the best Mac dashboard widgets are laid out for you to qcuickly check out and download.

There are some little gems on here, especially the following:

  • Symbol Caddy – copy html entities directly to the clipboard
  • Lorem Ipsum – save yourself countless trips to the Lorem Ipsum website

There are a pile more but these two save me a whole heap of time trekking to the web for little bits of information.

F4 never looked so good!

Oh, and check out this post on Dashboard Widgets you Can’t Live Without – not web design oriented but some excellent ones there.

EDIT 18th July 2010: New addition to the fray over at – Top 10 Best Mac Dashboard Widgets That All Web Developers Should Have.

These are just some of the best Mac dashboard widgets I use, any other recommendations?